What makes us different

From analysing challenges to implementing solutions

We challenge current assumptions within organizations and focus on finding the real issues. We understand problems and opportunities our clients face in the real world because we are coming from the real world. But as academics, we can also pinpoint and address the underlying dynamics of societal change, organizational structure and human behavior. With our specialization on executive development and leadership training, we do not only provide advice but also take our part in implementing change in your organization to tackle identified business issues in a sustainable fashion.

How we do it

With educational and personal backgrounds spanning various parts of Europe and (South-) East Asia, our work carries the additional distinction of being sensitive to culturally diverse management and working styles. This allows us to offer out of the box solutions that are hard to find otherwise. Some tasks require an internal perspective and some issues are more easily spotted from an outsider perspective, whereas a third group of challenges can only be solved with a sense of mutual understanding. Therefore, we always attempt to approach our clients with the perspective that best suits their needs.

Our process usually begins with generating insights through original research and/or analysis. Based on this, we develop tailor-made management solutions and/or executive development programmes. Depending on our where our clients stand in this process, we either implement only selected steps of the process or everything:



Three Fields of Business Advisory