Who we are

About Black Moon

Founded in Singapore in 2008 by Dr. Frank Siegfried, Black Moon is a company that specializes on management advisory & executive development in a cross-cultural context.

Aside from many years of separate professional experience, Black Moon’s core team share a profound  history of collaborative research and teaching. Black Moon also works with a associate networks in Germany, South East Asia, Greater China and Japan. All of Black Moon’s experts hold academic degrees in the pertinent fields of Business Management, Finance, Engineering, Economics and Sociology.


We commercialize knowledge and implement best practices to generate sustainable above average returns. We achieve this vision through:

  • Understanding of human behaviour and its determinants
  • Facilitating transformational change for organizations operating in Asia
  • Turning strategic threats into opportunities
  • Collaborating with leading academic institutions and consulting firms
  • Engaging global knowledge workers (e.g., MBS & SMU Alumni, Rotary)
  • Focusing on Leadership & Change, Differentiation through Innovation, Strategic Planning, Human Capital Management, Service Excellence
  • Creating new knowledge about real-life operational environments
  • Developing Senior Executives and Talents to lead growth, differentiation, and service excellence initiatives


The Team

Frank Siegfried, DBA

Frank Siegfried, DBA (Director, Strategy and Projects)

Frank Siegfried is the Founder and Director of Black Moon. Following a lifelong passion for education, Frank Siegfried began his teaching career at the Singapore Management University in 2006, where he is an Adjunct Faculty at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business, teaching Global Megatrends, Business Capstone, Innovation and Human Capital Leadership. Further, he works in various roles with local and international clients at SMU Executive Development. At Manchester Business School, he is a Teaching Fellow in the Global MBA Program, currently conducting the Private Equity & Venture Capital course in Singapore, and supervising MBA students during their final group project. Lastly, he is an Associate with SIM University, teaching Strategic HRM and Change Leadership. Frank’s key areas for training focus very much on macro-economic and inter-disciplinary topics such as Megatrends & Scenario Planning, Business Strategy & Change, Risk Mitigation, Service Excellence in cross-cultural contexts, Innovation & Commercialization, Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship.Frank holds a Doctorate (DBA) from Manchester University. His thesis was titled “Consumer switching in the retail banking services sector and the influence of cultural diversity in Singapore”. Further, he holds a MSc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart (Germany) and an MBA from Macquarie University (Australia). His first academic publication is due in 2016. Frank started his career at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology & Automation in Stuttgart, later moving to the Aerospace divisions of Daimler Benz and Honeywell, before joining Deutsche Telekom’s Venture Capital initiative, where he co-managed a €50m fund-of-funds, served on the Board of portfolio companies and advised Government institutions in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia on Corporate Venture Capital and Innovation related policies and methods. Frank held posts in Germany, PR China and Vietnam before relocating and working in Singapore since 1994.

Franks extensive education and experience are the bedrock of Black Moon’s expertise. Having held a variety of positions in a variety of companies, he has a unique birds-eye view on the many facets of the business world. Additionally, he has first-hand experience with most of the problems that our clients are facing, which enables him to give ad-hoc operational advice in nearly every imaginable situation while we work on the long-term solutions.

Contact him at frank.siegfried@blackmoon.com.sg


Mari-Paz Siegfried

Mari-Paz Siegfried (Associate, Administration)

Mari-Paz is the driving force behind customer relationships and is responsible for administrative tasks at Black Moon. Her management capabilities, which she acquired in a variety of positions in different Asian countries, fostered her organisational talent to master the administrative responsibilities. Born and grown up in the Philippines, she greatly contributes to the cross-cultural perspective of the Black Moon team. In addition, she play a major role in developing the corporate identity of the company.

Contact her at mari-paz.siegfried@blackmoon.com.sg


External Experts

One of our main strengths at Black Moon is our vast network of external experts who cooperate with us for individual projects. We intentionally keep our core team small, because it allows us to stay flexible and to dedicate all of our resources to you instead of having to deal with our own organization. More importantly, staying small and working with experts is an important part of our ability to provide you the most relevant expertise that is available in our fields. Be it professors, managers, advisors or other top level experts, they all have one thing in common: The best of the best are always busy with their own agenda, because that’s what allows them to stay on top of their fields. Using an expert network allows us to bring those top people in when needed, instead of hiring people who may be suitable for one project, but my not be for the next. This way, we can always focus on our core strengths and at the same time guarantee you the most qualified advisory you can get.


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